Ladies Wash, Cut and Finish                                £31.00

Ladies Wash and Cut with a Creative Finish     £37.00

Ladies Wash, Restyle and Finish                         £37.00


(A surcharge of up to £6.00 will be added for extra long or thick hair when an appointment time of over an hour is required.)


Ladies Dry Cut                                                        £17.50 (30 mins) to £20.00 (45 mins)

Gents Wash, Cut and Finish                                 £20.00

Gents Dry Cut                                                        £13.50

Wash and Finish                                                    £15.00 to £27.00


Personal Prescriptive Treatment                       £6.00

Moroccan Oil Treatment                                     £6.00

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment                        £25.00

Olaplex added to colour from                           £20.00

(Not including cut or a finish)

Children’s Dry Cut (12 and under)                   £11.00

Hair Up                                                      from  £30.00

Wedding hair                                            by quotation

In-depth complimentary consultations are available for all of our colouring services prior to your appointment, should you require.

Please note that all of our colour services include a cut and finish. If you do not require the cut we will deduct £5.00 from the cost. For very long or thick hair an additional £6.00 will be added to the cost. It is compulsory that any clients who have not had colour at head rush before have a patch test 48 hours prior to any treatment.


Full Head Colour                                      £59.00                                

Retouch (max 8 weeks growth)             £50.00  

Partial Foils                                               £52.00                                

Half Head Foils                                         £70.00                                

Full Head Foils                                          £83.00                                                              

Partial Foils and Full Head Col               £70.00                 

Half Head Foils and FHC                        £83.00                                

Full Head Foils and FHC                         £89.00

Freehand Techniques                 by quotation

Colour Correction                       by quotation                      

Toners                                           from  £15.00                                



Gents colour services are also available and tailored to meet specific needs, please ask for more details.